Porsche Design 40Y

P'8478 The Iconic

As early as 1978, the "Exclusive Glasses" from Porsche Design attracted worldwide attention with an intelligent interchangeable lens mechanism: With a quick release the teardrop-shaped lenses can be replaced to adjust various lighting conditions and styles. The Porsche Design icon is manufactured from high quality lightweight titanium and convinces with lenses made of scratch-resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate that provide 100% UV protection. The P´8478 comes with a pair of interchangeable lenses included.

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Porsche Design P8478
Porsche Design P8478 glasses
Porsche Design P8478 LE


Porsche Design 40Y Logo

Porsche Design is an exclusive lifestyle brand founded in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. His mission was to build a company that would carry the principles and the Porsche legend beyond the world of the automobile. All Porsche Design products stand for precision and perfection, intelligent functionality, a demanding, functional design and have an impressive level of technological innovation. In 1978, Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed a spectacular pair of sunglasses which caused a sensation around the world: the P´8478 with an interchangeable glass mechanism. With them began the unique success story of Porsche Design Eyewear. True to our motto to always have an exceptional look, for 40 years we’ve been passionately designing spectacular classic eyewear that stands out through incomparable design.

P´8478 40Y

Iconic P’8478 40-Year Anniversary Limited Edition In 1978, Porsche Design made history with the P'8478, the first sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. For the 40-year anniversary, Porsche Design presents the legendary shades in a special "40Y" edition, limited to 1,978 pairs and featuring a unique matte-black titanium frame with gold accents on the characteristic bridge, lens holders and nose pads. The new style comes in an exclusive travel box and with four additional sets of colored lenses.

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Porsche Design Eyewear

Stunning silhouettes, peerless materials like titanium or 18K gold, and 100% UV protection: Porsche Design Eyewear combines casual elegance with superior performance.

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Rethinking Eyewear creating milestones Porsche Design Eyewear

Porsche Design P8478

1978 - the exclusive

The Porsche Design P´8478 Aviator sunglasses were originally launched in 1978, known as „the exclusive“ or „Exklusivbrille“. These Porsche Design aviators are one of the most famous and easily recognizable sunglasses ever made.

Porsche Design P8479

1979 - P´8479

The P´8479 signature sunglasses are testimony to the core values that underpin the brand, those of functional, timeless and purist design. They caused quite a stir when Yoko Ono started wearing them and made it a sought-after item.

Porsche Design reading tool sketch

2006 - Reading Tool

The Porsche Design P´8801 READING TOOL is a high-quality and exclusive ready reader. The frame is ergonomically shaped and made of high-tech RXP and stainless steel. The combination of unique components gives the product a high degree of stability and lightness.

Porsche Design Hairband

2013 - Hairband

The Porsche Design Iconics series sets new standards in form and function. They show the future of sunglasses with an emotional and progressive design as well as innovative manufacturing. With the HAIRBAND, an exclusive design study, the luxury brand empha-sises its design strategy once again.

Porsche Design Onepiece

2014 - One Piece

ONE PIECE is an indicator of the future in eyewear design. The sunglasses are captivating with clear, purist lines and sportiness. The manufacturing method is particularly worth highlighting: ONE PIECE is milled out of one piece of aluminum.

Porsche Design Sidewall

2015 - Side Wall

SIDE WALL – a statement of iconic Style. The P´8591 is also milled out of one whole piece of metal. The additional side lenses offer enhanced glare and wind protection. A perfect example of how functional requirements can be addressed in a product of unique value.

Porsche Design P8678

2016 - P´8678

Porsche Design launched P´8678 sunglasses as the first reinterpretation of the legendary P´8478 titanium sunglasses with the revolutionary interchangeable lens technology after more than 40 years.

Porsche Design Outline

2017 - Outline

The OUTLINE - a modern take on the classic style, whose timeless simplicity has made it a must have item. The Outline’s flowing titanium outline emphasizes the classic carré shaped lenses, effortlessly reinterpreting this ’80s favorite.

Porsche Design 40Y


For 40 years, the sunglasses and prescription eyewear of the premi-um lifestyle brand have combined trend-setting materials and contem-porary design with outstanding quality.

40Y Porsche Design Eyewear