Lens Technology UV Protection


UV radiation is a natural component of sunlight. It also affects us on cloudy days and has a negative impact on our eyes. If the skin isn’t protected by clothing or sunscreen, the UV radiation significantly affects sensitive skin. Ultraviolet radiation is also an often-underestimated risk to the eyes. If it penetrates the eyes unfiltered, it can permanently damage the retina. When at the wheel, this can particularly diminish the pleasure of driving, reduce driving safety and also permanently damage the eyes.  

To ensure you get the best possible protection, Porsche Design Eyewear sunglass lenses deliver the highest level of protection – the Australian UV-400 Blocker standard. Protection that you can rely on 100%. As a result, headaches caused by the strain of over-tired eyes can be reduced. Protection against glare and reliable UV protection are both fundamental points for unrestricted driving pleasure.


  • Reliable UV protection thanks to quality lenses
  • Increased driving safety by avoiding eye strain problems
  • Consistent protection even with different lens colours
  • Polarising lenses can provide highly effective protection against glare

Porsche Design Eyewear Lens Technology UV Protection


We know that UV radiation from direct sunlight is dangerous and harmful to the eyes. Measurements have shown that not only the UV rays from direct sunlight are dangerous to the eye. Even clouds only reduce the amount UV radiation, they don’t block it completely. Even during an outdoor tour under cloudy skies and diffused light, your eyes may be exposed to harmful amounts of UV radiation