Lens Technology Quality


Porsche Design Eyewear sunglasses are developed to meet the highest demands. They combine superb craftsmanship, precision grinding and intelligent technology. Decades of engineering know-how from Rodenstock turn them into technical works of art. They embody the pinnacle of optical perfection.

Why are Porsche Design Eyewear glasses the best option for you? They are uncompromisingly oriented towards the function that our driving glasses need to fulfil, especially in extreme situations such as wet roads, bright lights and disturbing reflections. They reliably provide the best possible glare protection, efficient reduction of reflections, significantly improved contrast and much more. Everything for one purpose – to give you a relaxed driving experience on the world’s most beautiful roads.


  • State of the art lens technology from Rodenstock
  • Strictest quality controls that go far beyond the German industry standard
  • Individually developed and manufactured with highest precision
  • Premium products for your eyes
  • Sustainable quality for an above-average service life 

Porsche Design Eyewear Lens Technology Quality


Specially developed sunglasses lens geometries provide unique visual characteristics and deliver first-class optical performance. The quality of vision Porsche Design sunglasses provide corresponds fully to your own optical impression and feeling without glasses. Just the way you’re used to.