Lens Technology Polarisation


Blinding reflections while driving on a rain-soaked coastal highway, dazzling glare from the surface of the sea during a sailing trip – with Porsche Design Eyewear’s polarising lens technology, you’ve got extreme light conditions under control. Porsche Design Eyewear’s innovative sunglass lenses with polarisation filters by can reduce considerably the glare from the sun, helping you see things clearly and in detail. This gives you decisive additional clarity, especially when driving. 

With polarising lenses, the reduction in glare reflecting off the ground adds contrast to your vision. Enjoy additional driving safety and a high degree of visual comfort in outdoor situations with very strong sun glare from flat surfaces. Test Porsche Design Eyewear polarising lenses and see for yourself.


  • Innovative polarisation at the highest technical level
  • Reliable glare reduction especially on wet surfaces
  • Better vision thanks to less glare
  • Relaxed visual acuity in extreme light situations
  • Protects the eyes 

Porsche Design Eyewear Lens Technology Polarisation


Snow, water, rain-soaked road surfaces, shiny surfaces such as reflective facades - they all act as reflectors that cause strong glare and irritating light effects. The innovative polarisation of our sunglasses counteracts these reflections and reliably reduces annoying glare. The result is reduced reflections and clearly improved vision. Even in rapid changes between light and shadow.