Lens Technology Colour Reproduction


Whether it’s in an open sports car or on a bike tour, in all outdoor activities, nature thrills you with its colour spectrum. The technical advances in Porsche Design Eyewear sunglasses ensure that natural colours aren’t distorted or attenuated by the sunglass lenses and that they represent brilliant true colours in every situation. Even with extreme changes between light and shadow, which often occur when driving.

The outstanding colour rendering and unique glare protection Porsche Design Eyewear sunglass lenses provide was achieved by a balanced increase in contrast. This gives you a clear safety advantage thanks to the increased contrast perceived by your eyes. Being able to detect low-contrast objects on the road faster means you have more time to react appropriately. Experience brilliant vision outdoors and on every drive.


  • Special anti-reflective coating on the rear of the lenses, also for sunglasses
  • Brilliant colour reproduction through a balanced increase in contrast
  • A clear safety advantage on the road
  • Optimised for all outdoor challenges
  • Increased UV protection plus high-contrast viewing experience 

Porsche Design Eyewear Lens Technology Colour Reproduction


Nature can present outstanding experiences under certain sunlight situations. But sunlight brings with it two major visual challenges: harmful UV radiation and glare. These result in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to perceive contrast well. High levels of blue light can cause light diffusion in the eye, reducing the perception of contrast. The result is low-contrast vision. Porsche Design Eyewear sunglass lenses are designed to filter blue light by just the right amount for delivering the contrast that we need for seeing outdoors. So that colours and details simply appear completely natural.