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Porsche European Open 2019

Porsche Design Timepieces as official timing partner at the PEO 2019 in Hamburg.


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Beautifully textured and made to move, few hoodies pack as much city style into one design as the #PorscheDesign #SpacerHoodie. Different materials create interesting contrasts and make this piece one a wardrobe essential for the upcoming #FallWinter19 season. #PorscheDesignSportswear
A statement of style, ambition, form and function: Bold patterns and EvoKnit Pro sleeves make the #PorscheDesign #LightInsulatedJacket one of a kind. #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
Paying close attention to detail, the metropolitan #PorscheDesign #EvoKnitBackpack offers multiple innovative solutions: ergonomic shoulder straps with an exterior pocket for your phone, an integrated, stowable net for a ball or helmet, and a large main compartment with ample room. The new #FallWinter19 #PorscheDesignSportswear collection easily meets the everyday demands of the modern man.
More elegant than sweats and more comfortable than trousers, the #Porsche Design #5PocketPants provide an unexpected upgrade to the classic five-pocket style. Exclusive fabric with elastane adds a dynamic sense of motion to this iconic casual piece.  #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
Sleek, smart, stylish - and extremely comfortable, the #PorscheDesign #SpacerPants keep you feeling relaxed, even on your most active days. The innovative spacer fabric - looking both crisp and modern! - provides maximum freedom of movement. #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
From Tokyo to Solothurn. In just seven clicks. Your journey might end here, but that of the #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC is just starting. At the Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Solothurn, Switzerland, the titanium chronometer is masterfully hand-assembled to exacting standards, before being dispatched on its worldwide tour. #PorscheDesignTimepieces
From Madrid to Tokyo. In just seven clicks. #PorscheDesign has revolutionized the world of travel watches with the new #1919GlobetimerUTC. In Tokyo, innovation and tradition now no longer just meet at dinner; they meet on your wrist as well. This is where cutting-edge technology pairs with classic design, so you can impress in every country of the world. #PorscheDesignTimepieces
From Mexico City to Madrid. In just seven clicks. After visiting all of Madrid’s museums, remember to check out what history is being made in the present. The biggest innovation is currently on your wrist: the #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC. 
#PorscheDesignTimepieces #FromZellAmSeeTo
From Lisbon to Mexico City. In just six clicks. In Mexico City, time is relative: turning up an hour late isn’t unusual. Thankfully, at least the #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC is always punctual – to the second! – no matter the occasion.

From Milan to Lisbon. In just one click. Recover from rush hour in peace with a galão and pastel de nata. Some things, after all, are worth taking time for, with the #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC. #PorscheDesignTimepieces #FromZellAmSeeTo
From Miami to Milan. In just six clicks. After shopping, it's time to head back to the hotel. In the fashion capital of the world, timeless accessories are essential. Fortunately, the state-of-art #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC is always functional and stylish. #PorscheDesignTimepieces
From Berlin to Miami. In just six clicks. With the sun blazing on the east coast, you'll enjoy some shade under the Palm trees with your new constant companion: The #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC.
#PorscheDesignTimepieces #FromZellAmSeeTo
From Riyadh to Berlin. In just one click. You don't have to be in Berlin to admire a world clock. With twenty-four of the globe's top time zones engraved on its case back, you'll always know whether it's day or night on the other side of the world with the new #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC - whether at Alexanderplatz, or not. #PorscheDesignTimepieces #FromZellAmSeeTo