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The new Sportswear Collection

Porsche Design x Puma Sportswear Collection

You know your goals – whether at work, on the field, or in life. To meet them, you never stop giving your all. Every day. With a style that’s just like you: dynamic, uncompromising in quality and style. Always ready for new challenges and personal bests. The city is your stage, its lights are your spotlight, and Porsche Design is always at your side – with a 24/7 sportswear collection that sets the pace.

Discover clothing and accessories inspired by the style of the “Urban Racer” and the energy of the world’s most vibrant cities. Performance meets urban spirit and exclusive design – with clean lines, innovative materials and functional concepts. The perfect look for your active lifestyle.

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Porsche Design x Puma Sportswear Collection
Porsche Design x Puma Sportswear Collection

High-Tech for Fast Athletes Technology

Porsche Design Speedcat Jamming

Porsche Design Speedcat Jamming

Revolutionary shock absorption in an eye-catching design. This transparent outsole with free-floating NRGY beads offers superior cushioning – and a spectacular design. An exclusive leather upper with laser-cut details complements the dynamic soles.

Porsche Design Puma Drirelease Cotton

drirelease Cotton

This unique blend of synthetic and natural fiber extracts moisture quickly and effectively and pushes it into the air. Garments made with drirelease technology dry up to four times faster than regular cotton. An added dose of FreshGuard prevents unpleasant odors. Thanks to the patented technology, clothes always retain their form.

Porsche Design Puma Hybris EvoKnit

Porsche Design Hybrid evoKNIT

With breathable evoKNIT uppers on hybrid foam soles, this shoe offers all the comfort of a slipper – with an extra burst of high-tech functionality. IGNITE Foam combined with NRGY beads put a spring in every step while providing superior cushioning.