The new fashion collection

Fashion Spring Summer 2019

Freedom and Dynamics

The new Spring | Summer Collection 2019.

An homage to one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world – the “Pacific Coast Highway” – a way of life. Sun, sea, lightness and freedom inspire casual, exclusive looks in cool to warm colors with laid-back designs and a lively relationship of light and shadows.

Enjoy the summer in full swing with light, air, waves – and endless windy roads.

Storm System Blazer $835.00
Hooded Hybrid Blazer $955.00
Airlift Blazer $835.00
Hooded Leather Blouson $2,300.00
Bi-Coloured Motocross Jacket $2,150.00
Used Look Biker Jacket $2,400.00
Cabrio Quilted Mix Jacket $835.00
XLUltralight Mesh $415.00
XLUltralight Carbon Design $415.00
XLExtralight SO Calf Tumbled $355.00
Racer Flyline Nappa White Edition $455.00
Loafer Velours $335.00
Racer Velours Mesh $355.00
XLight Cupsole SO Canvas $335.00
XLight Cupsole Canvas $355.00
Cupsole Velours $235.00