Lens Technology Material


A trip in midsummer. You’re driving your open convertible safely and with feeling over the tarmac, the sun shining strongly into the cockpit. Despite the glaring sunlight you retain a clear view: your Porsche Design sunglasses give you the best view and protect your eyes from sand, dust and insects.

For maximum scratch protection, each lens is finished with a durable duplex coating material, not only on the front but also on the back, that makes the glasses even harder. The benefit: you don’t have to handle your premium sunglasses with kid gloves.


  • Efficient scratch protection and increased abrasion resistance thanks to special coating material
  • Durable duplex coating on the front and rear of the lenses for double glass protection
  • Outstanding wearing comfort thanks to lightweight lenses made from high-performance plastics (polycarbonate and polyamide nylon)
  • Sustainability thanks to reduced abrasion and significantly improved longevity

Porsche Design Eyewear Lens Technology Material


The ultra-thin and extremely robust duplex coatings turn a spectacle lens into an innovative Porsche Design lens. Their special feature: the lenses are duplex-coated. In other words, not only the front, but also the back has been coated with the protective layer which offers decisive extra protection against scratch marks on the glasses that lead to a diffuse scattering of the light and worsen the entire visual impression. This particularly affects the ability to perceive contrast, i.e. the difference in brightness levels between objects.