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Exclusive sports bags

Quality workmanship for more performance

When creating exclusive sports bags, Porsche Design focuses on the needs of athletes. High-quality workmanship and intelligent details make the sports bags faithful and functional companions for effective training. Designed to perform – typical of Porsche design.

Exclusive processing technology paired with innovative materials

Partially welded seams, processed Kurim rubber or soft velor lined panels make the exclusive sports bags true sporting all-rounders. Not only do the ultra-resistant and water-repellent materials with a color changing 3D look give the bags highest functionality, but also a clean look. This shows why Porsche Design is at the forefront in sports.

Intelligent partitions and high-quality details

Urban cyclists benefit from specially reinforced, water-repellent panels on the bottom and sides, that keep water out of the luggage. Front pockets made of neoprene and mesh pockets with zippers are just further details typical of Porsche Design. Designed to perfectly meet an athletes’ needs, intelligent compartment layouts allow for separate transportation of wet and dry textiles. For the athlete, the exclusive sports bags have an intelligent compartment layout, which makes it possible to transport wet and dry laundry separately from each other.