• About my order
    Is my online order secure?

    Ensuring the security of your personal data is our top priority. A secure connection is established with our order form to protect your data. All information you enter into the form, from your credit card number to your address, is converted into code upon sending. The data is encrypted during the entire transmission process. This prevents any unauthorized third parties from viewing or manipulating your personal data.

    We use an SSL [Secure Socket Layer] protocol to guarantee the security of your data. The SSL encryption is activated if the URL starts with "https://" or if a lock symbol appears in the bottom status bar [Internet Explorer, Mozilla].

    All data you submit to us is encrypted and stored on a high-security server for the best possible protection. Your credit card data is deleted immediately once we've processed your order.

    How can I pay for my order?

    Paying for your order in the Porsche Design Online Shop is convenient and easy - just use your credit card [MasterCard, VISA, or American Express]. The security number makes this payment method especially safe. This three-digit number is printed in the signature area on the back of your card.

    Will I receive an order confirmation?

    Please always make sure that you enter your e-mail address correctly when you place your order. Once we receive your order, we will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail containing all of the important information pertaining to your order. If you do not receive an automatic e-mail confirmation from us, this could be due to one of two reasons:

    • You entered your e-mail address incorrectly.
    • The server was overloaded when you placed the order and we never received it.

    If you want to be sure that we've received your order, feel free to e-mail order@porsche-design.us.

    What should I do if I have problems placing my order online?

    Problems may arise in completing your order if the server is overloaded. In this case, we ask you to please try placing the order at a later time. If your second attempt is unsuccessful, please e-mail order@porsche-design.us

    Can I change or cancel my order?

    It should be possible to cancel your order if it is done promptly. Please contact our service center by e-mail order@porsche-design.us. If you'd like to change your order, please cancel the first order and place a new one in the online shop.

  • Prices and delivery
    What prices are listed in the online shop?

    Prices are subject to short-term changes, errors excepted. All prices are in US-Dollars in addition to delivery costs and local taxes. The price at the time the order is placed is valid.

    How much does delivery cost?

    We offer free ground shipping on all orders over $250, any orders below $250 charged have a standard ground shipping rate of $15 per order. Expedited shipping is available for $ 30.00 per order, regardless of the size or weight of the package.

    How quickly will my order be delivered?

    We process your orders on the same day, delivery usually takes about 2-5 business days. In rare cases – during high peak seasons, the Christmas season, for example – your order can take up to 7 business days to arrive. These delays are due to the high volume of packages handled by the carrier.

  • Product information
    How do I find what I'm looking for in the Porsche Design Store online shop?

    When you visit the Porsche Design Online Shop, the first page you will see features a selection of the highlights of our range.

    From here, you can select individual product categories or an overview of all products in the "Products" menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you've chosen a product category, you can scroll through the products by simply moving the mouse pointer to the left or right. If you would like to find out more about a specific product, simply click on it to display a screen containing more detailed information.

    If you want to purchase one or more products, please click on the "Add to cart" button in the upper right corner of the product detail page. Once you have finished shopping, confirm your purchase by clicking on the "Checkout" button, also in the lower right of the screen. Follow the steps displayed on screen to complete your purchase.

    How does the shopping cart work?

    Once you have chosen a product, simply click on "Add to cart" to put the product in your shopping cart until you place an actual order. You are under no obligation to purchase the product. In order to see an overview of the products in your cart, click the mouse pointer over the shopping cart area in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Does the Porsche Design Store online shop offer all Porsche Design products?

    The Porsche Design Store online shop offers an exclusive selection of our versatile and high-quality product range. If you would like more information about our product portfolio, go to www.porsche-design.us or contact us directly by email at order@porsche-design.us Monday - Friday, 9AM-5PM PST.

    I have a question about one or more products. Who can I ask?

    If you have questions, please contact the Online Team by e-mail at order@porsche-design.us.

  • Returns
    Can I exchange or return a product I've ordered?

    We are sure that you will enjoy and be satisfied with your Porsche Design product[s]. If you have a complaint, we will refund the purchase price immediately upon receiving the items.

    Please take note of our return policy. Depending on the financial institution, it may take several days before the purchase amount is credited to your card account.

    What do I need to remember when sending the products back?

    We send a return slip with every order. This needs to be completed and sent back with the returned item[s]. Please provide the relevant information, e.g. the invoice number, reason for return and desired credit. The return slip also includes an addressed sticker with prepaid postage to use to return your items.