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Replacement Pen BOOK ONE

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The BOOK ONE Pen combines the classic pen with the benefits of digital connectivity. Your handwriting is clearly recognisable and converted cleanly, and you can add in the smallest details to your drawings. Combined with the finely balanced pen, your BOOK ONE becomes an inexhaustible notebook, enabling you to capture all of your ideas. Jot down items on your to-do list, note telephone numbers and directions in a hurry. Flawless interaction with Microsoft OneNote ensures that you can take notes very quickly and file them. The smart aluminium housing and the reasonably-sized stylus make for a completely natural writing experience. You will be impressed by the accuracy of the stylus and the reactivity of the program in response to your writing. The variable pressure sensitivity of the stylus, which has 4096 levels, gives you the creative option to modify the line thickness using the pressure exerted on the screen. This way, creating and emphasising the things that are important to you becomes an effortless task. The chic stylus with its functional aesthetics has been created by Studio F. A. Porsche during design development in order to ensure optimum handling. In order to prevent users from losing the stylus, a magnetic holder is integrated into the right-hand side of the BOOK One tablet unit. The BOOK ONE Pen is reliably by your side as you go about your day to day life. Replacement part for the Porsche Design BOOK ONE. Not compatible with ULTRA ONE.