Porsche Design Writing Tools


Power and dynamics for whatever life brings. For high-paced decisions, elegant soirees or winding down in style. Our accessories convey vigor and esprit, premium quality and a no-holds-barred attitude. From handsome fountain pens to first-class Japanese cutlery to captivating fragrances.

P´3632 Lighter was $150.00 now $105.00
P´3631 Lighter was $185.00 now $129.50
P´3639 Lighter $130.00
Shisha 2.1 $1,950.00
P´3645 Lighter $135.00
P´3621 Cigar Cutter $115.00
P´3643 Candle Lighter $225.00
P´3641 Lighter was $125.00 now $87.50
Shake Pen of the Year 2019 Bundle + 911 Silhouette Pen Holder $295.00
Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen from $115.00
Tec Flex Ballpoint Pen from $230.00
Tec Flex Fountain Pen from $530.00
Shake Pen Big $275.00
Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen from $460.00
Solid Fountain Pen $940.00
Porsche Design 180 Eau de Toilette from $75.00
Palladium Eau de Toilette Spray from $55.00
Palladium Gift Set $79.00
Titan Deodorant Stick $25.00
The Essence After Shave Balm Tube $40.00
Titan Gift Set $79.00
Japanese Chef´s Knife for Meat Fish and Vegetables $145.00
Small Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P04 $129.00
Filleting Knife for Meat and Fish P07 $129.00
Santoku Knife $149.00
Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P01 $189.00
Universal Knife P03 $139.00
Carving Knife P05 $139.00
Bread Knife P06 $129.00
Boning Knife P08 $125.00
Paring Knife for Fruit and Vegetables $75.00
Tomato Knife also be used for Fruit and Bread P10 $85.00
Steak Knife P15 Set 4 Pieces each $275.00
Universal Knife P19 $79.00
China Knife P22 $169.00
Oyster Knife P24 $69.00

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