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Crafted by hand in Italy

Our Porsche Design Woman Handbags were created in Italy. In a manufactory in beautiful Florence, each bag is created by skilled hands and with lots of love to details. Each piece of leather is carefully examined, as only flawless leather is suitable for the production of a Porsche Design luxury Women's Handbag. The patterns for cutting are created based on sketches. Hand-picked lining rounds off the harmonic overall appearance. Zippers, Closures, Straps and Loops all complement each other to create the perfect Women's Handbag - perfect in every aspect of look and feel. Perfection - our required standard!

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Timeliess Elegance

Metric Clutch

Exceptionel understatement

TwinBag Mini Buffalo

Porsche Design Woman

International online campaign for the launch of the new sublabel - in the spot, shot at Frankfurt airport, the new label presents itself as cool and simultaneously emotional, humorous and likeable. The company creates a brand world for the confident, self-assured women of today: “Porsche Design Woman.”

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